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         You might have noticed that there are lot of vacancies of Group 'A' and 'B' post where Ex-Servicemen are offered age relaxation of only Five years instead of Military Service + 3 Years. You might not be aware of the provision which regulates the age relaxation to Ex-Servicemen candidate. You can refer the Office Memorandum (OM) No. 39016/15/79-Estt.(C) dated 07.09.1981  issued by Govt of India, Ministry of Home Afairs, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms. 

       There is clear guideline regarding age relaxation to ESM candidate and it is gross negligence on the part of employer by not providing the age relaxation, as said above, to ESM. 

           Sub-Para (i) of Para (1) of above mentioned OM refers "The upper age limit shall be relaxed by the length of Military Service increased by Three Years in the case of ex-servicemen and commissioned officer including ECO (Emergency commissioned officer)/SSCOs (Short Service Commissioned Officers) for appointment to any vacancy in group 'A' and group 'B' services/posts filled by direct recruitment otherwise than on the results of an open All India Competitive Examination held by the UPSC subject to the condition that:
         (i) the continuous service rendered in the Armed Forces by an ex servicemen is not less than six months after attestation and 
         (ii) that the resultant age after deducting his period of service from his actual age does not exceed the prescribed age limit by more than three years and also subject to usual conditions which have been prescribed in respect of appointment of ex servicemen to group 'C' and group 'D' posts vide department notification No. 39016/10/79-Estt.(C) dated 15.12.1979.

        Further clarification on this issue was issued vide OM No. 36034/8/88-Estt.(SCT) dated 19.05.1988. 

           Till date there is no OM or guideline which overrules these guidelines.

          All ex servicemen candidate those who are aspirant of Group 'A' & 'B' post shall come together to claim  the rights which we have earned by giving vital period of our life to defense forces, through RTI, Grievance Cell or Personal Meeting with HR Managers of various prospective employer . 

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  1. Dear Rajan,
    The subject Office Memorandum says only 5 yrs age relaxation in Para 1(ii). Is there any mis- interpretation? Could you please explain?

    1. Sir,

      The language is not much complicated. As already discussed above; para-i says, "The upper age limit shall be relaxed by the length of Military Service increased by Three Years in the case of ex-servicemen and commissioned officer including ECO /SSCOs for appointment to any vacancy in group 'A' and group 'B' services/posts filled by direct recruitment otherwise than on the results of an open All India Competitive Examination held by the UPSC".

      Please do consider immediately preceding group of words "Otherwise than on the results of an open all India competitive examination held by UPSC. In this case the age relaxation is length of Military Service increased by Three Years. Para-ii focuses on the subject where competitive exam held directly by UPSC and in that case relaxation is only Five Years.

      In short Para-i is applicable in cases where exam held by other agencies and Para-ii is applicable in cases where exam held by UPSC. Hope it is clear now...

    2. The expression 'direct recruitment on the results of an All India Competitive
      Examination' means (i) all recruitment by UPSC whether through written
      examination or by interview or both; and (ii) recruitment made by other authorities
      including Staff Selection Commission or any other appointment authority through
      written competitive examination or test (but not by interview only). The expression
      'direct recruitment otherwise than by open competition' means (i) any recruitment
      not made by the UPSC or (ii) recruitment not made through written competitive
      tests held by any other authority.

    3. very great information
      here i m providing link for CSIR IMTECH Recruitment 2015 may be this will helpfull for some people..

  2. After going through 1979,1981,1988 & 27 mar 2012 oms , it is clear that age relax for group a and b post is mil ser plus 3 years except upsc exams. However, ssc treats their recruitment at par with upsc exams and thus not allowing xsm for gp b non gaz post. Just 5 year age relax like civil services. At present upsc is allowing xsm for various recruitment like epfo asst pfc etc with mil ser plus 3 years. Dopt and ssc is silent on the issue. Any solution?

  3. We are trying to write to various concern agencies regarding this issue like DGR, IBA (Indian Banking Association) this is the agency winch has given IBPS the nod to take various recruitment test for banks. Recently, one of my friend Mr Rajiv Chakraborty has taken keen interest and persuaded SAIL to agree for age relaxation for ex-servicemen for Management Trainee (this category was not at all mentioned). Now, they are giving Military service plus three years (max up to 45 years) and that's a good gesture by SAIL, I hope regarding these policy.

    Now; we need to be united in spirit and write to various employer about implementation of these regulations.

  4. DOPT has given a fresh notification on 04 Oct 2012. Pl visit the DOPT site. Now age relaxation is available to all posts.

  5. Is the person who is working in the public sector bank ac PO/MT, eligible to appear in the UPSC civil services(IAS) exam under the ex-serviceman category and can get the age relaxation ?

  6. sir I am ex indian navy . I want to apply 4 upsc ias exam but they are giving only 5 years age relaxasion . What sd i do ?

  7. sir,i want apply for upsc ias exam but system is not allowing age relaxation what to do?

  8. Dear All,

    Great Initiative and useful info. I left Navy in 2005 with dreams of making into the Grp A and B posts and to my surprise there were no reservation in these posts. Despite hanging my uniform at an early age of 32 yrs and 03 months one has to just content with Grp C post and that too once you have availed the benefit, you wo'nt get it second time. That's why I tried my hands at State Civil Service instead of Central govt as in the state of Uttarakhand reservation is provided to Grp B posts also and presently I am working at Grp B posts with Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- Now, I wish to apply for the post of Asst Registrar at MNNIT Allahabad and there I saw the age relaxation matter. They are giving only 05 yrs relaxation to various categories (did not say anything about ex-servicemen as the post is Group A). I have just completed the age of 40 yrs on 04 April 2013, please guide me whether I can apply for the said post or not. I am fulfilling all other educational and experience conditions.

    With best regards,

    Pankaj Sharma

  9. If they are asking for online application then you just apply, you will come to know whether they are allowing or not. In otherwise case you have to bear with examination fee or simply call them on their number for eligibility criteria.

  10. Hello Friend,

    Please visit to meet your old shipmates. The site is not only a data base of ex Indian Navy sailors but also a community portal where we all can find information related to pension and other issues.

    Thanking you

    Dinesh Kaushik

  11. The recent notification for PO in SBI gives relaxation of 5 yrs to ex-serviceman. Anyone has any idea whether the relaxation is over and above the military service period.

    1. The main cause of concern is this only. Still only 5 years are age relaxation is given by government agency.

  12. Dear Rajan, The DOPT has issued a Circular dated 4.10.2012, indicating that the "Age Relaxation" is available to ex-servicemen for entry into Group A & B Jobs also. I am working in Central Excise Department and due for promotion to the cadre of Inspector. When I requested for promotion by applying the ratio of the latest DOPT Circular, the officers stated that this relaxation is only for appointment but not for promotion. But, when the age relaxation was given to Group C & D jobs, the age relaxation was also given for promotion as it was for appointment. Kindly clarify (if you have any latest news only this), so that I can get the promotion by applying the DOPT Circular dated 4.10.2012.

  13. sir
    please tell me what are the varrious group A & B posts that are available in exservice men qouta

  14. Sir,
    An ex servicemen can avail ex sm quota only single time or more than one time in u p state govt job . Please reply me at my e mail also=

    1. Dear Vidyasagar Ji, EXSM quota can be utilised only once, but you can claim age relaxation subsequently. Disclaimer: Read the job offer communication carefully before you go to my words.

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  16. Sir plz let me know whether the age relaxation is available for central govt job only or psu also.plz let me know the authority which states that age relaxation is to be given in,psu also...i find many psu not giving age concession to exsm